Courts of Draiochta

If you’re a fan of the Moonbound Series, or the VonBrandt Wolves of Somewhere, TX, then you might have heard the name ADRIAN ROSSI. To find out the origins of Adrian Rossi, make sure you read the Courts of Draiochta, an epic paranormal fantasy series that explores the origins of Adrian Rossi and, along the way, the ancestors of the VonBrandts and all the Moonbound Wolves.

  1. Of Spells and Shadows
  2. Of Trial and Torment (coming soon!)


  1. Heart of Stone
  2. Heart of Fire
  3. Heart of a Hero
  4. Daunted Hearts (coming soon!)


  1. The Werewolf Cowboy
  2. The Werewolf Bodyguard
  3. The Werewolf Ranger
  4. Chasing a Wolf
  5. Seducing a Wolf
  6. Saving a Wolf
  7. Broken Wolf
  8. Hunted Wolf

The VonBrandt Family (Somewhere, TX)

  1. To Save a Mate
  2. To Love a Mate
  3. To Win a Mate
  4. To Find a Mate