Witches of Whitewood

If you’re a Moonbound World or Somewhere, TX fan, then you’ve heard the name Banfield…

Mattie Banfield is a not-so-distant relation to the Banfield sisters in Somewhere, TX, and has been hiding in a valley in the Colorado mountains for so many years, she’s lost count. Her family has become close with the Gallagher wolves, but not all is well in paradise. Mattie’s three children are… not all her own children. And once they discover why, they’re going to be furious.

  1. Heart of Stone
  2. Heart of Fire
  3. Heart of a Hero
  4. Daunted Hearts (coming soon!)


  1. The Werewolf Cowboy
  2. The Werewolf Bodyguard
  3. The Werewolf Ranger
  4. Chasing a Wolf
  5. Seducing a Wolf
  6. Saving a Wolf
  7. Broken Wolf
  8. Hunted Wolf

The VonBrandt Family (Somewhere, TX)

  1. To Save a Mate
  2. To Love a Mate
  3. To Win a Mate
  4. To Find a Mate

The Courts of Draíochta

  1. Of Spells and Shadows
  2. Of Trial and Torment (coming soon!)