Heart of a Hero

Star crossed, forbidden lovers… Romeo & Juliet ain’t got nothin’ on Paul & Sylvie…

Sylvie Proulx’s Valentine’s date is the official Gold Medal finalist of the Douche Olympics. Her day gets topped off when the love of her life enters the restaurant/bar with his date for the night.

Paul Banfield is on a blind date for Valentine’s Day. When a ruckus distracts him, he sees the love of his life, Sylvie, rushing from the restaurant. It’s been two years since he’s seen her and her pull hasn’t waned.

Will these fated lovers get their chance at happily ever after, or will a death-bed promise by Sylvie’s alpha keep them apart and suffering for the rest of their lives?

Praise for Heart of a Hero:
“Each of the books in the Witches of Whitewood introduces more characters that will have [you] hoping the next book is released quickly. I can’t wait, that’s for sure.”

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