MoonboundlogoKrystal and I just wrote “THE END” on our newest co-written Moonbound project. It is a gigantic (we’re talking 400+ pages) epic fantasy paranormal romance, and it’s the first in a new series, all in the Moonbound world, continuing more of the story from the Enforcer series (and the VonBrandts, and the Whitewood Witches).

This book has been, by far, the most fun thing Krystal and I have done to-date, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the cover next month. For right now, we’re just cracking champagne because the book is DONE! Or at least, the first draft is done. 🙂 Because there will be multiple more drafts. But it’s completed, at least. That’s a big day for us!

As of right now, we’re planning a December kickoff for this new series, and we will be looking for YOU to help us get the word out, after you read the book, so make sure you’ve signed up for either my newsletter or Krystal’s, or you have joined the Moonbound Pack Fan Group on Facebook!