To Plan For a Mate

She needs a wolf… but he’s a human… did Fate make a mistake?

Snark and sensuality make the perfect match in Fated Wolf, a shifter romance packed with action, adventure, humor, and magick—not to mention throat-punching, sex aerobics, and deep-throat-Googling.

This hot paranormal romp has a heartbroken daredevil bad boy and a planner-carrying, list-making sex kitten, leaving readers swooning for more VonBrandt Pack Moonbound Wolves from Somewhere, TX.

Type-A wolf shifter Helena Quade has just been fired from her dream job at her pack ranch. Drowning her sorrows in a bottle of bourbon, Helena goes home with a stranger for a one-night stand that’s out of this world—only he’s a human. Strictly off-limits.

Helena can never take a non-magickal mate. But the bond of her Fated Mate calls and she does the only thing she can… she runs.

Ash Carmicheal had to grow up too fast. Chased by memories that he’d rather forget, Ash travels the globe searching for dangerous, thrill-seeking jobs, attempting to numb the pain he runs from. But no job could be as dangerous as the woman he’s falling for.

Helena is beautiful, fierce, and wild. The attraction is undeniable. The erotic night they share together is passionate and free. But when their bond ignites, she vanishes, and Ash is devastated.

Will he be able to find Helena again? Are they fated for forever love, or will pack law keep them apart?

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